What's unique about my teaching style?

When it comes to teaching, I've never been a fan of traditional learning, but rather student-centered (even years earlier as an intern and later as a licensed teacher). So, expect the following when you enroll in any of my courses:

  • Student-centered teaching-learning instruction i.e. video lectures, assignments, etc.

  • Extensive research studies as the basic supplementary materials for the lessons

  • Creative use of media to deepen student's understanding about the digital writing industry

  • Encouraging active student's participation in class discussions as observable learning variable

  • Encouraging students to ask questions without having negative thoughts or feelings

  • And more!

Feedback from fellow writers

What do other writers say about my writing skills?

"Nothing short of outstanding."

by Derek Marshall, Blogger

That was a [absolutely] tremendous read. Nothing short of outstanding. [Mecyll] certainly has a knack [for] connecting with [her] readers. I’m telling—[she keeps] writing like that [she]will go a long way—a very long way. I wish I had [her] gift! I’m telling—[she] WILL write a blockbuster of a best seller. It’s in [her]. It’s up to [her] to bring out that [masterpiece] and share it with the world.

Masroor Ahmad, Content Writer

Mecyll has got the best of both worlds—fiction and non-fiction. While she has authored multiple novels, she also has practical knowledge about SEO, content creation, and blogging. This attribute distinguishes her as a writer because she comprehends the medium and is well-versed in the digital age. Mecyll is also a voice for many non-native English writers who are doubtful of their abilities.

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Feedback from client/s

I helped them grow their online businesses through writing effective content..

"Mecyll is an experienced writer."

by Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, Founder of Your Online Revenue, LLC

Mecyll has written over 200 blog posts to my website www.YourOnlineRevenue.com. It has been a pleasure to work with her and communication has always been easy. All the articles Mecyll wrote for my blog were more than 2,000 words (as we agreed) so the posts are very comprehensive and detailed. She is an experienced writer and, based on what I have seen in practice, Mecyll can research and write articles about all kinds of topics.

"Mecyll is incredibly proactive."

Josh Scandlen, Principal of Heritage Wealth Planning, LLC

Of ALL the folks who responded to my proposal [on Upwork], Mecyll was the only one who actually asked questions about what I was trying to do. This is HUGE! People can tell you how great they are, but that’s not important. What’s important is how the person I hire is going to help ME. Secondly, Mecyll was absolutely on time with every task I asked of her. She was also incredibly proactive with what she was tasked to do. Promptness, attention to detail, and eagerness [are] critical. Mecyll is all three. I definitely plan on using her again.

Course Instructor

Expert website content writer & independent publisher

Mecyll Gaspary

I am your course instructor with expertise in website content writing, SEO copywriting, SEO content writing, and book writing with 7 years of professional writing experience in diverse content forms. I will be teaching you everything you need to know based on my professional writing experience for several years. Plus, I have been working in different sectors of digital writing, from small media companies to small business owners, and have helped them grow their online business through writing effective content that brings 2 desirable results: web traffic and conversions.

I helped small business owners grow their businesses through writing effective content.

I will teach you the same skills I use to earn 4-figures as a non-native speaker.

Feedback from students

How did the course help writers?

5 star rating

Well Organized and Thought Provoking

Lane Lasater

This class is very well organized and provides insightful guidance for moving toward success as a professional writer in any capacity. Mecyll serves as a hea...

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This class is very well organized and provides insightful guidance for moving toward success as a professional writer in any capacity. Mecyll serves as a heartfelt example of someone who has found her "Writer Warrior" path and generously shares her experience and wisdom with others. She inspires students to contemplate deeply about who they are and to set specific learning objectives for their work which is a fruitful foundation. Her information and example are particularly inspiring for those writing professionally in an Acquired Language. Thank you for making this course available!

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5 star rating

Lovely Course From A Lovely lady

shuvo hamid

Awesome course. Loved it. Highly recommended.

Awesome course. Loved it. Highly recommended.

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